1 Euro(EUR)=

7.919 Chinese Yuan Renminbi(CNY)

Inverse Exchange Rate:1 CNY = 0.1263 EUR   International exchange rate update time:2024-07-22 12:14:32

Bank Euro Exchange Chinese Yuan Renminbi Exchange Rate List of Prices

Bank Name Middle Rate Buying Rate Selling Rate Cash Purchase Price Cash selling price Bank update time
EUR to CNY Exchange Rate

EUR to CNY Exchange Rate

1 EUR7.919 CNY
5 EUR39.595 CNY
10 EUR79.19 CNY
25 EUR197.975 CNY
50 EUR395.95 CNY
100 EUR791.9 CNY
500 EUR3959.5 CNY
1000 EUR7919 CNY
5000 EUR39595 CNY
10000 EUR79190 CNY
50000 EUR395950 CNY

CNY to EUR Exchange Rate

1 CNY0.12619 EUR
5 CNY0.63095 EUR
10 CNY1.2619 EUR
25 CNY3.15475 EUR
50 CNY6.3095 EUR
100 CNY12.619 EUR
500 CNY63.095 EUR
1000 CNY126.19 EUR
5000 CNY630.95 EUR
10000 CNY1261.9 EUR
50000 CNY6309.5 EUR
EUR Exchange Rate