1 (USD)=

7.2698 (CNY)

Inverse Exchange Rate:1 CNY = 0.1376 USD   International exchange rate update time:2024-07-21 12:17:55

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Issues related to foreign exchange quotation

Foreign exchange quotation, also known as exchange rate, refers to the price or ratio when converting one country's currency into another country's currency; or the price of another country's currency expressed in one country's currency.

The foreign exchange rates on this site are all 100 foreign currency to RMB.

Spot foreign exchange buying price: refers to the price at which the bank purchases foreign currency representative bills from customers at the price of foreign exchange.

Cash buying price: refers to the bank buying foreign banknotes directly from customers, and the cash can be withdrawn by itself.

Spot foreign exchange and cash selling price: refers to the price at which customers buy foreign exchange and foreign currency cash from banks.

Usually (cash buying price <= spot buying price <= spot selling price <= cash selling price)